A Humongous Article on the Hick’s Law


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Hello People to yet another, boring explanation of the Hick’s Law. 🙃

Backstory everybody: William Edmund Hick and Ray Hyman, a British and American psychology duo, are the creators of Hick's Law (also known as the Hick-Hyman Law). These researchers set out to examine the connection between the quantity of inputs present and a person's response time to each input in 1952. It seems logical that the more stimuli a user has to pick from, the more time it takes for them to decide which one to select. Users that are presented with numerous alternatives must take the time to comprehend and make decisions, which results in them having to do work they don't want to do.

So, getting back to the question we began with: What is the Hick’s Law? The more options there are and the more complicated they are, the more time it takes for the user to decide.

Decision-making time will rise logarithmically as the number of options increases.

So the Key takeaways for you:

⚡Avoid overwhelming the user by providing an overwhelming number of choices.

🦄Break complex tasks into smaller steps in order to decrease cognitive load.

🐎Providing such smaller choices reduces immediate mental load, as well as makes the product "easy to use".

❤️Try providing Recommended picks to avoid overloading consumers.

🍪Don't simplify things to the point of abstraction.

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